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Custom Engraved Maple QR Code Keychain

Custom Engraved Maple QR Code Keychain

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Q R • C O D E • K E Y C H A I N

⋒ Small business owners: you NEED to have a social media QR code keychain! Here's why...
Imagine you're on the go and meet potential customers! Maybe you don't carry cards with you but need something quick and easy to share your business. That's why you should have a keychain with an engraved QR code to direct anyone you happen to meet on the go to your website or social media! It's small and portable and can hang right off your bags or keys to display. Plus you'll look professional and stylish with this keychain ready on hand!

⋒ A custom QR code is meant to feature your own Instagram, Facebook, or Venmo QR code, (or any link) so that people can easily follow you online or pay.

⋒ Made of high-quality finished maple plywood that's sure to catch your customer's eye.

⋒ Measures approx 2.5" wide by 5" tall.

⋒ Complete the look with an included gold ring and clasp.

Please email me at with your QR code or link you'd like me to turn into a QR code.

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