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Rattan Arch Business Card Holder

Rattan Arch Business Card Holder

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B U S I N E S S • C A R D • H O L D E R

Introducing the perfect way to showcase your business cards! This unique business card display is laser cut from rattan in a beautiful boho wooden arch design and crafted from maple. This eye-catching display is ideal for small business owners who want to showcase their cards in a stylish and modern way.

This product is small in size but packs a punch with its intricate design. The laser cutting process ensures a precise pattern, giving the product a professional and high-end look. The maple wood adds a beautiful touch, while the rattan design brings a light and modern feel to the product. With its eye-catching design, this product is perfect for anyone looking to showcase their business cards in an elegant and sophisticated way.

⋒ I can customize what the tab says, just leave a note what you'd like.

⋒ For example, you could choose to have card holder say "Take a Card"

⋒ Made of high-quality finished maple plywood that's sure to catch your customer's eye.

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